bergen met SANT.

bergen met SANT. is founded by Maartje Santbergen. A creative Dutch designer who graduated in 2010 at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
Maartje loves to use the qualities of especially natural materials and is often looking for simplicity to create interesting and usefull products. She is very practical, loves to work with her hands and is always trying new ideas and techniques.
Whether it is a 'chest' with 34 drawers wich can be opened with a small magnet, a 'bag' made out of just one piece of leather, or a 'candle holder' based on the face of her little niece, she always makes something special out of it.

Every product of bergen met SANT. can be addapted to your whishes. This means the products are not in stock, but will al be made specially for you and every product is unique.

Interested in one (or more) of our products? Send an 'e-mail' or complete the order form below and let us know your needs and whishes.
bergen met SANT. will send you a quotation within 2 (working)days, when there is an agreement we'll make sure to produce your order as soon as possible (with care and attention).


bergen met SANT.
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